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How do you pronounce the name "Kinder"?

The 'Kinder' in the goat is pronounced the way that you pronounce the 'kinder' in the word
'kindergarten,' with a short i.

How much milk will my Kinder Goat make?

That depends on many things, including your goats' lines, their age, the number of times
they have freshened and what you are feeding them. Generally speaking, you can expect
to get 3-4 pounds (6-8 cups) of milk per day from a first freshener being milked twice daily.
Adult does should level off at anywhere form 4-8 pounds per day, or 8-16 cups of milk.

Do I have to feed my Kinders grain?

No, but we do recommend it. Kinders are known for their fast growth rate, mutiple kids
and excellent milk production, but they can't do it all on leaves alone! These little
powerhouses will only excel with proper feed and care, which includes quality hay and
supplemental grain in most situations.

Can I show my Kinders?

Many Kinders have been shown at their local county fairs, and some have gone to state
fairs, too. Sanctioned shows can be established anywhere there is enough interest to do
so. For more information on showing or hosting a local show, please contact our Show
Supervisor, Leah Rennick.

I have a purebred Pygmy and Nubian, but one isn't registered. Can I still use them to
make Kinders?

Unfortunately you can not - both parent must be registered purebreds in order to register
their kids as Kinders.

My unregistered Kinder goat died. Can I still register it?

Unfortunately you can not - Deceased goats are not eligible for registration.

My registered buck died before his kids were born. Can I still register the kids?

As long as both parents have valid KGBA registration numbers their kids can be registered.

What is the difference between a Certificate of Merit and a Certificate of Registration?

Essentially, nothing! The only difference between these two certificates is the generation
of the goat, but both certificates mean that your goat is registered with the KGBA, and
neither is more valuable than the other.

Are higher generations worth more?

NO! The quality of the goat is much more important than the generation, so choose your
goats based on quality not generation.
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