Kinder Goat Breeders Association
Official Forms & Documents

Below is a list of the commonly requested and official forms used by KGBA. All of the forms
are in pdf format for easy viewing and printing. We recommend Acrobat for reading these
request to the K.G.B.A. Keep in mind that an order form MUST accompany each request for
transfer, registration or other business with the association.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
your situation:

    You want to become a member:
    Order Form
    Membership Application

    You want a herd name:
    Order Form
    Herd Name & Tattoo Application

    You bought a registered Kinder:
    Order Form
    Original Registration
    Transfer of Ownership

    You bought a goat that hasn't yet been registered:
    Order Form
    Registration Application
    Photo of Goat
    Transfer of Ownership

    You bred your doe to someone else's buck:
    Breeding Memorandum

    You want to register first generation Kinders:
    Order Form
    Registration application
    Photo of goat
    Copy of Pygmy registration
    Copy of Nubian registration

    You want to register your doe's kids:
    Order Form
    Registration application
    Photo of goat

**new member application and herd name application if applicable


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