Kinder Goat Breeders Association
Member Benefits

If you are interested in Kinder Goats, the best investment you can make is to become
a member of the KGBA. As a member, you will be taking an active role in the
continued success of our wonderful breed, stay up to date on relevant information and
vote for board members that represent your goals as a Kinder breeder.

It's easy to become a member of our wonderful association, and of course,
membership has its benefits. With your annuals dues, you will receive:

  • Reduced fees for registering and transferring goats.

  • A permanently reserved herd name and tattoo sequence for a minimal, one
  time fee.

  • Participation in Kinder-specific Herd Appraisal evaluation of your goats.

  • Quarterly edition of the KGBA newsletter.

  • Participation in official KGBA sanctioned shows and contests.
  • Discounted advertising fees in various magazines and publications.

  • Farm listing on our website and marketing assistance for special events.

  • Eligibility to serve on KGBA board and various committees.

  • Voting rights for annual board positions and changes in bylaws.

If you are interested in becoming a member, simply fill out the membership application
located in the "forms" section of our site. After sending it to us with the appropriate
fees, you will receive a membership packet in the mail with your membership number
and valuable information to help you get started in the wonderful world of Kinders.

Already A Member?  Renew online!
You can now renew your membership using your Paypal account! Simply choose the
appropriate button below:

**Please be sure to include your member number in the "note" section of your
Youth Membership Renewal - $10.00
Adult Membership Renewal - $15.00
Family Membership Renewal - $25.00

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