Kinder Goat Breeders Association
Online Pedigrees
Planning breeding pairs and researching lineage is much easier with our online pedigree
database. Simply choose a search option - herd name, goat name, registration number,
times within a pedigree (linebreeding) are color coded with their own unique color to
make identification of inbreeding coefficent easier.

The pedigree database is a work in process, and is a labor of love. Although not entirely
complete, it is being made available right away so that our members can benefit from the
information available right now.  If you find problems for which you have a solution,
please send specific details (information needed to added or changed - not just a list of
missing info) to Problems will be corrected as time permits. Regular
updates will occur on an annual or semi annual basis, so newly registered animals may
not show up for some time.

To access the searchable database, please follow the link below:

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