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Have you ever wanted to show your Kinder goat, but been constrained by time, Kinder
goats from the comfort and safety of your own farm!

Introducing the KGBA’s Virtual Kinder Goat Show Program!!!  

Get a professional opinion of your goat!
Show your goat without the stress of travel!
Keep your doe's milk production up by not upsetting her schedule!
Get publicity for your herd!
Learn more about conformation!  
Only $5 per goat!!!

The KGBA V-Show is offered as a benefit to our members.  Only current members of KGBA
can show their registered Kinders.

So, how do you get started?  All you need is a few high quality pictures of your
registered Kinder goats.  Go to the
Virtual Show Guidelines page for an entry form and
helpful tips on how to enter your goat.

We hope to have other Sanctioned and online shows in the coming year. All shows
will be posted as soon as they have been confirmed.

Questions about a current show?
Interested in Holding your own Sanctioned KGBA Show?
Contact or Show Director
Kelsee Gibbs  

Please check back occasionally... we hope to add many more shows!

Kinder Goats Are Back at the Missouri State Fair!!!
Please join us for the 2017 Missouri State Fair Kinder Goat Show!!!

Festival of Kinders show at The Windmill
Lakes Event Center in Liberty, NC on November 11, 2017  
Click here for show bill!

Our annual online Kinder show takes place each summer!
Entries will be accepted April 1st through June 31st, and we accept any
photos taken within the last 12 months, so start saving photos!

Interested in holding your own KGBA Sanctioned Kinder Show?

Sanction fees are currently being waived for all shows held at new

For more information on holding your own Sanctioned Kinder Goat
show, click